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About Mark Beaumont Photographer

Mark Beaumont Equine Photographer

That’s me & St Dennis.

It’s never easy writing stuff about myself, I’ll keep it brief, here goes………

I’ve been involved with photography for many years; starting my first photographic studio shortly after leaving school in 1983. Before long I’d soon outgrown this, and found myself working in London where I was involved mostly with advertising agencies, and working on various editorial projects for the explosion of new up and coming UK magazines that had come about in the eighties.

I later went on to work and teach photography at (the then) Brighton Polytechnic, before deciding a career change was needed. So after working professionally for eleven years I attended Agricultural College where I studied Countryside Management.

However I never lost the desire to shoot professionally, and specifically to scratch an itch on a project I started 25 years ago that had remained unfinished; photographing horses, not just standing in the field or at their various disciplines at equestrian events, but simply horses being horses!

I have worked with horses all my life and my passion for them runs deep, and currently own two, “Ellie” a Piebald Cob cross  and “Claydon” a Shire x Ardennes. My early planned project had been to capture images of horses in a unique way that can convey their grace, majesty and strength and so, finally, Mark Beaumont the Equine Photographer came into being.

Since then my work has been received with much praise here and abroad and consequently published in many European and American magazines as well as in the UK.

When not photographing horses, you can either find me out with my own horses or editing pictures of other peoples horses; it really is my passion!

If you’d like any further information, please don’t hesitate to call or contact me here

H: +44(0)1730 816442

M: +44(0)7812 766337